lovely 10 months old blue fronted Amazon parrot say hello whistle com here Etc still very much young to learn take food of hand love to play out side his cage com with Paper and wear.
African grey . Full cities, tame, eating pulses, seed, fruit, veg, Nearly finished weaning is currently on one feed a day just to finish off! Used to our small Child and dog and the usual household noises Bird is close rung Have male and female dna sexed female was sold but new owner unfortunately allergic so we have had her back
beautiful and healthy bird comes with the CITIES certificate, very talkative and friendly birds. Likes being out of the cage and all different kind of sounds and picks new words very quickly.
HANDREARED baby Blue an Gold macaw baby fully weaned silly tame anybody can handle the baby with ease just learning to step up feather perfect condition weaned on pelleted diet close rung and comes with hatch certificate ....
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